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"Not at all, just as long as the same applies to me." She doesn’t move, or bother taking a step away from him. There’d be absolutely no point in that. 

Unnecessary words, spoken only to fill a void of silence. Bane always gave his full attention to a situation or being that required it, Loki standing chief amongst his priorities. An arm snaked around the small of her back, as gentle as the man could manage. “Must you worry of such a thing?”


{☸}—; “Ah, look who it is.”


          “Why have you come before me?”

[ you know, even the horrible jokes about The Joker eventually got old. The atrocious Bane jokes were old as soon as the movie came out ]

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[Although the kiss they shared was pleasant, as it often proved to be, there was a hint that was impossible for him not to pick up on. That was not the first indication that something may have been amiss. Her overly joyous mood was odd. Not to say that she was not allowed to be happy, that was an asinine notion. Still, something did not sit well with him.]

[Despite his best efforts of trying to wear a neutral facade, including keeping a softness to his features, that inquiring nature broke through. He leaned back, granting him a wider view.]

Glad I am to hear it.

[There was a pause before he continued.] Any news that I should know of?

Nothing pertaining to us. 

-She answered simply, though there had been plenty that had happened as of late that she could tell him about…especially if Sigyn decided to pay him a visit as well- 

If you must know, I recently went through a divorce from my wife. It’s been stressful, bitter, and violent. Then Thor returned to Asgard, which only added to everything else I’ve been dealing with. 

-She’d been fighting with everyone it had felt like, and quite frankly it was getting tiring. A day of peace, a night of quiet that she could actually enjoy felt like she might have been asking for something impossible at this point. Still she could try with at least one person she cared enough to be around-

[Of course. Somehow, the fact that Loki was indeed married never stayed at the forefront of his thoughts. Not out of jealousy, or so he would like to think, merely because she never brought it up. Bane was a curious man, though he knew the subject was a rather unwanted one.] 

I should like to think that I am allowed to know. If not, let me know otherwise. 

[The easier she was to answer his questions, the quicker his curiosity would be satisfied.]

What led to the divorce?

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"I am Bane, and I would pose the same question to you."

"Bane, I assume that’s an alias? I am Psylocke."

"It is not. Bane is the name that was deemed fit for me when I was a child-a result of certain events. Although I understand why you ask."